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Introducing "ImmuniTea", our organic herbal tea designed to support your immune system and overall wellness. Every sip of this revitalizing blend is like a soothing hug for your body, thanks to the natural, nourishing properties of the carefully selected organic ingredients. By adding "ImmuniTea" to your daily routine, you can give yourself the gift of self-care and take a moment to recharge and recenter. When it comes to your health and well-being, "ImmuniTea" is within reach, allowing you to prioritize your wellness without compromising on quality. Embrace the power of self-care and indulge in the danjarously selfish practice of making your health a top priority with a comforting cup of "ImmuniTea".


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  • [strainer included with your purchase of tea]

    - Add 1 teaspoon of tea to your  strainer

    - Add strainer to mug

    - Carefully pour hot water over the strainer and into your mug

    - Let it steep for a couple of minutes

    - Add honey and lemon juice to taste

    - Enjoy!


    This is a personal self care product. For the integrity of the product and the safety of our customers, this item can not be returned. For that reason, a refund will not be issued. 

    Please enjoy your self-care purchase!!! You deserve it. 

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