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Frequently Asked Questions

[your questions answered]

Your name is Claudesha . . . where did "Danja" come from?!

Danja [pronounced "danger" with an "A"] started as an alias for when I'm creating art through painting, singing, and writing. The name has become a layer of protection. A warning to anyone who doesn't respect boundaries, value growth, desire deep connection,  or stand on business. My chosen name is a result of me doing inner work, standing in my truth, and prioritizing my wellness.


Danja is the manifestation of my best self.  

What does a   wellness coach do?

I support you in relieving stress, solving problems, creating balance and connecting with your authentic self. I provide resources, insight,  and encourage self acceptance as you reach your personal goals and find or strengthen your purpose. I promote wellness in totality by acknowledging eight main areas of wellness: 

*Emotional *Physical *Spiritual *Mental *Social *Occupational *Social *Environmental


I'm the positivity plug!!! Your support system and reminder that life is happening for you, not to you.  

What does it mean to be a     "creative"?

I was blessed with the gift of creativity. I create art, music, do hair and makeup, design clothes, customize D.I.Y. projects, and more! My most requested art is digital art like logos and book illustration, acrylic paintings, custom home décor, and wall murals. I also sing and write songs! I perform at events, collaborate in studio sessions, and write custom personalized songs for special occasions.

What does a consultant do?

I provide insight and professional advice in my areas of expertise that supports you through elevating personal growth, strengthening family bonds, and deepening your relationship with God as you grow in your spiritual journey.

Why should I trust you?

I'm not in the busness of convincing so I don't have a selling point on why you should trust me. I provide an unbiased safe space for you to learn how to love yourself, grow, heal, and shift your life. If you are unsure about working with me, I'm probably not the coach for you and that's okay! Whether you work with me or not, I pray that you recieve an abundance of what you want and need to manifest a positive and productive life.


What I can say is that I'm honest, passionate, patient, professional, positive, and I'm honored to be of service to you.

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