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Danja, the Positivity Plug

The Positivity Plug

Her name is Claudesha Blackwell. She goes by Danja, The Positivity Plug. Her intention is to support you in rediscovering who you are, encouraging you to be your authintic self, relieving stress, studying yourself, and manifesting your best life. Danja's purpose was revealed when she had her first daughter in 2013. She quickly realized that she could not continue to accept the bare minimum. Preparing to be a mother shifted her perspective. She accepted that she had to do some work to be the mother her daughter would need and become the woman God created her to be.


For the past 11 years, total wellness has been her focus. She has cultivated skills, wisdom, and resources that enable her to support you through growing and healing all areas of wellness. She became a certified wellness coach in February of 2022 and has been a reflection of power and strength for her community ever since.


A journey requires change! That shift is easier said than done. It can be lonely, stressful, and feel like a new outcome is impossible at times. You are not alone. Danja believed that she was alone in the world and no one understood what she was experiencing. Yet, she desired more and had faith that it was possible. As your wellness coach, Danja promotes positive change, empathizes with your areas of growth, and encourages personal and professional elevation as you shift out of autopilot and activate an authentic life of intention and fulfillment.


She sees you. She loves you. She understands you.

"Empowering others to find their path to wellness isn't just a job; it's a calling to ignite the flames of transformation, guiding them towards a life of vitality, balance, and joy."

My Coaching Story

Experienced. Insightful. Authentic.

I have been coaching individuals, children, couples, families, and professional teams for over a decade. Honestly, I'm an older sister born in the 80's . . .  I've been a coach for as long as I can remember. Determined to learn a lesson in every experience, I was curious and passionate about my environment, the wellbeing of others, and how I fit into this game called life. I was observant, a problem solver. A positive and productive person with an abundance of loving energy. I took pride in being part of something bigger than myself. At a young age I participated in programs like cheerleading, Girl Scouts, chorus, band, and musical theater. I was also fond of babysitting. It made me feel valuable to be of service to others.

I believed I should become a nurse, like my Mom-Mom. I was interested in promoting and supporting health and wellness but I wasn't sure how I would show up in that space. Although I grew up often feeling misunderstood and alone, I learned to see power and strength in being love and light in a world that is saturated with darkness and confusion. I carried it like hidden armor throughout my life. Now that I'm a mother, wife, mentor and entrepreneur my perspective has matured. My faith allowed me to be vulnerable, honest, and ready for anything life had to offer. I encourage breaking generational curses, rediscovering who you are, living with intention, and manifesting wellness. I took a leap of faith and started building my professional coaching career in 2018, after I had my second daughter.


As a wellness coach, I acknowledge and support wellness in totality.  My clients achieve their personal and professional goals, as they heal themselves layer by layer. I provide a safe space for you to align your mind, body, and soul, feel seen, and become your authentic self. I simply provide services and products, as well as hold you accountable. I created an online course, "Healing and Connecting to Your Higher Self" which is structured to compliment and elevate your journey.

My insight, attention to detail, spiritual gifts, and ability to hold space for and be transparent with others seperates me from other coaches. My faith and desire for peace of mind, body, and soul promotes deep connection. I am honored to influence self awareness, mental clarity, emotional maturity, and living with intention. I am blessed to have the opportunity to show you how focusing on your wellness will help you manifest the life of your dreams.  I am honored to be of service. I look forward to working with you! 

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